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Ahh, the clearing. There stood the church in all its sanctity and glory, and the well right by it. Ib stood before the doors of that very church, her conductor coat hanging heavy over her shoulders, biting her lip. For some reason, she was just craving the attention of a certain someone, that someone who was most likely inside this church alone. Normally, she’d be patient, or even ignoring anything close to this, but it was driving her insane. She hated it

But it was okay.

He was right behind these doors, and it’ll be fine. She’ll just greet him with a smile as she always did and probably leave a few minutes afte- Oh. Speak of the devil. 

She hadn’t expected him to be right at the door, surprising them both. She let out a small greeting, waving sheepishly as he nodded his head calmly, inviting her in. Sooner or later, they found themselves engaged in deep conversation sitting next to each other with much to discuss. It seemed like an eternity, but the time wasn’t wasted. Ib felt herself relax in the other’s presence, and slowly, she was fine. Or so she thought. The conductors never wrapped their conversations, but ended in a  brief silence, neither continuing the volleying exchange, nor did they move. The silence was beginning to weigh her on her back, and she was slowly freezing up again. She began to hold her hands together, twiddling her thumbs impatiently, wriggling her toes a bit, looking anywhere but him - movements a child would usually make.

She flushed. 

He eventually voiced concern, her movements not like her usual collected self beginning to trouble him. 

That was when she tackled him, taking him down to the ground before straddling his hips with a small smile escaping her stiff lips, pale cheeks warming up to a soft pink as she cradled his face with her palms, leaning down close to his face. “Y-You know, I’ve… always wanted to hear you sing for once, Mär…